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Kat DeLuna - [Inside Out] album (RnB) (2010) album package d
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Kat DeLuna - [Inside Out] album (RnB) (2010) album package d
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Album: Inside Out
Issue: 2010
Artist: Kat DeLuna
Style: R&B

This album: who was the 2007 hottest new? Is the "Kat DeLuna", with the first tribal dance across the dance floor, the integration of Reggae+ Reggae elements, this can not be the single "Whine Up! Kat DeLuna, born in New York, Bronx, with his family to the Dominican Republic in the ghetto, from small she betrayed her singing. Talent,, when she was nine years old, the family had moved back to the United States New Jersey live, after her parents divorced, family living in dire straits, Kat and her sisters were forced to beg for food to neighbors, but also aroused her aim high resolution in this predicament, while she should spare time, she began to a show at the local many performances, also once and Latin artists Milly Quezada and Marc Anthony sang, in addition, she also listen to Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday in other time record, in learning and improve her singing skills; later, she in senior high school, group Latina, Hip Hop/R&B style the girl band" Coquette ", at the age of 15 she took part in a singing contest (Coca Cola singing contest), with her singing" I Will Always Love You "song for the A privilege, it also changed her fate, open to the performing arts circle road gate for her; she met Cuba's salsa music singer Rey Ruiz, Rey gave Kat a lot of advice and guidance, let Kat more determined what I want to do music, and the singer wants to become the.
Since listened to Kat DeLuna's last album "9 Lives", we look forward to her next album, and now finally is out, did not live up to my waiting, kept her consistent style, or that a magnetic voice, music for the fast songs, like a stronger sense of rhythm. Do not miss.

The album:
1 Push Push (Feat. Akon)
2 Party O'Clock
3 Dancing Tonight
4 Be There
5 Oh Yeah (La La La)
6 One Foot Out of the Door
7 All in My Head
8 Rock the House
9 Calling You
10 Be There (Ballad Version)
11 Unstoppable

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